Olay In-Shower Age Defying Body Lotion: Review

olay in shower age defying lotion

olay in shower age defying lotion

Olay products never fails to surprise us! Olay in shower age defying body lotion is just the perfect body lotion you can lay your hands at. Certainly a quality product which understands the needs of your body and skin for sure.

The key ingredient found in the Olay body lotion is “Vitaniacin” that is said to be quite effective in reducing the dryness which is known to occur because of aging.

When you use it in your shower, it will give you a smooth and shiny feeling deep from within and thus give you the feeling of a complete bath. What is even more important is that it will surely give you a younger looking skin which has glow and grace too!

It is beyond doubt one of the best Olay products and acts as a good moisturiser too. You can certainly now play around with your skin as you use inshower body lotion.

However a few reviews shows that women who used this product did not liked its smell much. But on the whole it has received good reviews around the world.

The  bottle of Olay in shower age defying body lotion in fact reveals that in order to get the best reviews you should use it with a olay  bar.


Some of the essential ingredients to be found in Olay in shower age defying body lotion includes: water, mineral oil, fragrance and most importantly it has Vitamin E, B5 and B3 which makes it a vibrant product beyond doubt.

The fragrance is too strong for all to bear and it stays there even long after you have taken the bath. While few women adore this smell others simply dislike it. It is in fact very thick lotion which is not there to be seen in other products. The bottle may last for around two months even if you use it on regular basis. It comes at an average price of around $57.96.

On the negative side, it is too slippery and if you are negligent, then there is a wide possibility of you falling down in the shower too because of its stickiness on the floor.

But the good thing is that even hours after you have used the in shower, you tend to feel moisturised, so this is equally good for those living in dry climatic conditions. Moreover, if you are the one who doesn’t like the idea of applying body lotion all over your body after taking a bath then this is just what you can desire.

If you are living in any part of the city where there is the problem of hard water then too this will be your prefect rescue from all skin nourishing problems. It forms good lather and nourishes your skin all day long. 

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